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"We received the jerseys today and everything on the order was .."
Date: Nov 28 2015 10:51AM
"Hello I received my order yesterday they look awesome! Thank y.."
---- Adam
Date: Nov 18 2015 8:34AM
"Yes, I received my order and am satisfied. Thank you
----jonathan lyle
Date: Nov 11 2015 3:39PM
"Yes I got the 6 jerseys today and I''''m satisfied with the je.."
----Sheila Jordan
Date: Nov 10 2015 4:48PM
"I thank you very much for your excellent service, and I hope y.."
Date: Nov 10 2015 10:01AM
"Hello friend, I wanted to inform you I received my three jerse.."
Date: Nov 10 2015 9:58AM
"I was EXTREMELY pleased with the customer service and product .."
----Greg Slack
Date: Nov 10 2015 9:52AM
"I am extremely satisfied with the quality of products you have.."
Date: Nov 10 2015 9:48AM
"Will be making another order in a couple weeks or so. Thank Yo.."
Date: 11 9 2015 10:30AM
"Yes I did receive them today, thanks!Very pleased with them,"
----Kristen H
Date: 11 6 2015 4:37PM

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"My order # is GA1424.I would like to pay by western un.."
----Marissa Knight
Date: Nov 24 2015 1:26PM
"Hello, I tried to order two jerseys today, but my order histor.."
----Michelle Kulak
Date: Nov 23 2015 3:06AM
"Is this free shipping on orders?"
Date: Nov 18 2015 10:31PM
"do you have Jeff Heath #38 Cowboys?"
----wayne mullineaux
Date: Nov 17 2015 4:15PM
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